The total numbers of warehouses in all cities of Iraq are 26 warehouses and distributed as follows:


Warehouses Upgrading

Hawkary operates at a high level of quality assurance, by complying with European and US-FDA guidelines of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) to distribute medicinal products. This policy and procedure ensures that products distributed are in a high quality.

Clients’ orders are prepared and checked by the responsible employees and a document must be enclosed, containing the date, name and pharmaceutical form of the medicinal product, the quantity supplied, the name and address of the supplier and addressee.
The ready orders are loaded into the van using the shipping door that is equipped also with a dock leveller, Medicinal products should be transported under suitable conditions of temperature and humidity.
Clients record ensure the traceability of products identified by batch number and quantity, so this traceability system enables any faulty product to be found and an effective recall procedure can be performed when necessary.

Our staff receives the new shipments from the receiving door, which is equipped with a dock leveler to facilitate the unloading process. The receiving door is separate from the shipping door and the storage area. All of the warehouses floors are covered by epoxy material, which facilitates the movement of the forklifts and prevent cross contamination. Once shipments received, then it should be transferred to Quarantine Warehouse waiting for the release certificate from KMCA at the Ministry of Health. Once released by KMCA, they are transferred to the “Release Product Warehouse” to be distributed. If product failed in KMCA analysis and if not immediately destroyed, then it should be kept in a clearly separated area called (non-conforming area). Medicinal products should normally be stored under suitable conditions, our storage area using Pallet racking system is applied in our main warehouse to handle products more efficiently. Each pallet location has a specific number, which is connected to our Enterprise Resource Planning system (Microsoft Dynamics) showing the name of the medicinal product, quantity on the pallet and batch number.